Lt. Sh. Harbans Singh Vats is the inspiration behind H.S.V Global School. Following the path shown by him, we are committed to provide quality education to our students and to follow our motto “Tamso Maa Jyotirgamay” i.e. “From the Darkness to the Light”. We are continuously guided by his timeless teachings who devoted his whole life to the field of education. He retired as Principal from Government School, Delhi and his dedication to the cause of education to the children of rural Delhi drew him to establish Heera Public School in Samalka, Old Delhi- Gurugram Road, Delhi. Under his guidance, Heera Public School achieved unparalleled success and has been giving 100 % results in CBSE since the very inception. The value instilled by the school management has helped many students to build successful careers. In the Year 1997 (in the memory of Lt. Wife of Sh. Harbans Singh Vats) another school Smt. Mishri Devi Gyan Niketan, Shyam Vihar, Delhi was established under the aegis of Heera Public School. Both the schools are currently imparting education to around 7500 students.

“The aim of education should be to build character, human values, enhance the learning capacity through technology and build the confidence among children to face the future”. In the memory of his beloved father, H.S. Vats, Dr. Pawan Kumar Vats, the chairman of H.S.V. Global School, wanted to establish a new branch of the Heera Public School in Gurugram. Through H.S.V. Global School, he wanted to continue the journey of providing quality education to the children of the community.


H.S.V. Global School (H.S.V.G.S.) is a premium institution which offers a fresh and contemporary approach to education by re-evaluating traditional teaching methods and creating a dynamic, holistic and futuristic educational model. The stress is laid on overall development of the students, thereby inculcating deep value system that prepares them to embrace the challenges that they would face in their life. Special attention is given to sports programmes and performing arts beside providing a rovehiclest, challenging and enriching academic infrastructure to the students.

H.S.V. Global School’s Smart class is power-driven by the most important digital content, instruction and assessment materials within the world, mapped to the program of different STATE BOARDS and CBSE Schools in Gurgaon. We aspire to craft socially conscious and responsible individuals who like to serve the society in coming future. H.S.V. Global School aims to be an institution that empowers each child with a sound knowledge of life skills. We create a stimulating environment where children can learn when they want to and not when they are told to. Assisting them in recognising and achieving their fullest potential, the school wishes to help them in every possible manner.


Our school motto “Tamso Maa Jyotirgamay” i.e. “From the Darkness to the Light” is to create a path for our students for their all round development. We aim at creating an academic atmosphere in the campus and develop the students’ all round personality mentally, socially and spiritually. This academic atmosphere provides chances for the students to make a good and perfect personality. Knowledge is an essential part of human life and we at H.S.V., we believe that our learners will discover who they really are and enable them to do what they love.


H.S.V.G.S is fiercely committed to pursue excellence in every imaginable field. For us every child is a leader of tomorrow and we leave no stones unturned to ensure that every H.S.V.an is given an opportunity to excel in all areas of life.

Our emblem represents three different aspects of learning:

  • The tree signifies fruitful future for the leaders of tomorrow.
  • The sun stands for the hope that ignites the minds of young people and lights their path towards excellence and fulfillment.
  • The hands belong to the Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of learning and speech. It is our symbol of creativity, culture and perfection.