Faculty & Curriculum

HSV GLOBAL SCHOOL , prides itself on a happy workforce of over 30 faculty members and a large support staff of lab assistants, attendants etc.

The school employs competent faculty members qualified to accomplish the mission and goals of the institution. When determining acceptable qualifications of its faculty, the school gives primary consideration to the educational qualifications and also attaches great importance to competence, effectiveness, and capacity, including, related work experiences in the field, professional degrees and certifications, honors and awards, continuous documented excellence in teaching, or other demonstrated competencies and achievements that contribute to effective teaching and student learning outcomes.



There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven millions.”

At H.S.V., Gurugram, we believe that the freedom to be curious, to wonder, to find their own trajectory of exploration while making sense of their new world should be provided to the children. Learning in this way transforms them into lifelong learners. Our focus is to nurture children step-by-step with sensitivity towards their absorbent mind and stages of development. If you enter a BEGINNERS classroom at H.S.V., you might see a child playing with blocks or making figures on sand, or dancing, or going for a walk, or drawing. The whole spectrum of development from cognitive to emotional and to physical is encompassed through this method of freedom given to our little munchkins. We design joyous activities for each category of learners with care. 


Activity-based lessons let the children engage with diverse concepts, from learning about themselves and their world, to literacy and the arts and to mathematics and numbers. The whole idea of development from cognitive to emotional and to physical is encompassed in these activities. They inculcate vital skills like brotherhood, taking turns, sharing and caring, persistence, creativity and problem solving. They learn to recycle and resuse. They participate in events and celebrations. During Circle Time, they learn all communicating and listening, to both peers and teachers.
The Personal, Social and Emotional Development of the children in our care, or the ‘Contentment Curriculum’ as we choose to call it, is the centre of our world-view. Our children love to come to school!

langauage lab


Education begins the moment we see children as innately wise and capable being. Only then we can play along in their world.

Education is a life – long journey to learn and our School realizes the importance of a good start. It is here that the foundation for the love for learning is laid and strengthened. At the EXPLORERS level, the School expects the students to extend the basics and let them explore on their own. They learn to question, analyze, classify and communicate their ideologies.

A unique system of education is adopted by the School where education is imparted through play-way and activity methods and concepts are taught via craft, origami, clay modelling, sand play and painting. A properly designed child- centered curriculum based on phonetics, provides the children with a strong foundation of vocabulary. The entire course establishes and strengthens vital skills like psycho and motor skills, language and communication skills, writing and number concepts. Teachers enrich the curriculum through music, art, library and computer programs. The students also learn about the significance of festivals and are encouraged to imbibe Indian values in their lives.


Our focus is to nurture children in a step-by-step manner with sensitivity towards their porous mind and stages of development. The EXPLORER’S curriculum is in synchronisation with the natural landmarks of the child. A child grows in an environment that understands and responds to the unexpressed thoughts and cares for their uniqueness. The ultimate integration of the mind and the body is possible with our highly aware and prepared curriculum. All the aspects of multi intelligence are addressed to, in a simple endearing way. The EXPLORER’S environment is a little more than home, where WE DO NOT SAY NO rather provide a guided confidence of adaptation where the emotional self of the child is understood and led towards contended self esteem; where each and every detail of the set up has a purpose for the development of children and where each and every member of the school is a perfect role model in relation of children.Teachers enrich the curriculum through different forms like music, art, library and computer programs. The students also learn about the significance of different festivals and are encouraged to indulge Indian values in their lives.


Childhood is about playing , discovering and believing in dreams. The imagination and possibilities are endless.

A child learns in ample ways like questioning adults, collaborating with his or her peers, and experiencing the world through his or her unique ideology which means that every child at our school is equipped with a inventive kit of concepts, skills and knowledge, which he or she can shape into endless possibilities and solutions. In today’s dynamic world, this kind of learning impacts individual growth as well as social consciousness.

We drive academic excellence in the classroom and the pursuit of curiosity outside it. Our children learn to observe, analyze, interpret information, and ask questions about it as ‘why?’, ‘what if?’ and ‘what if not?’ They are given the ample opportunities to connect their lessons with the real world and their ideology. They learn how to think, not what to think — and we believe that’s the best way to be prepared for life in today’s world.


The curriculum ensures special influence for the students to adapt at any field from Languages, Mathematics, Science and Technology or Performing Arts. It provides ample range of opportunities and the commodious variety of careers opening up due to the phenomenal developments. Spacious and airy classrooms of the DISCOVERERS makes learning comfortable and fun. Every moment is believed as an opportunity to learn and classrooms turn into laboratories in a couple of seconds. Thus, while basic principles and theories are taught in the classroom, this is not the only idea in which academic instruction takes place. Students learn from learning and doing. Scientific and curious temperament is taken care of each child and our practices ensure that students never hesitate to question anything in which they have a doubt.

Our school strives to maintain excellence in academics to enable the students to stand at excellence in today’s competitive world. The following with the CBSE pattern ensures the holistic development of the students encouraging scholastic and co-scholastic aspects including Life-Skills, Attitudes and Values, Performing Arts, Health and Physical Education. The prime focus is to bring forth innovation in teaching-learning methodologies by devising student friendly and student centered paradigms. In addition to academics, emphasis is laid on adeptness, innovation, steadiness, teamwork, athletics, public speaking, behavior etc.

This in turn provides ample number of opportunities to the students to showcase their talents in different fields.