“The aim of education should be to build character, human values, enhance the learning capacity through technology and build the confidence among children to face the future”.

In the memory of my beloved father, Harbans Singh Vats, I wanted to establish a new branch of the Heera Public School in Gurugram. My mission was and will always be to produce the sparkling stars for this developing nation. Heera Public School (Samalka) established in 1992 and Smt. Mishri Devi Gyan Niketan, Shyam Vihar, Delhi established in 1997 were set up in the memory of my beloved mother Lt. Smt. Mishri Devi, and now they are serving the nation with fruits of advantageous and beneficial trees. Experience is the basic and essential pillars of fame.  I wanted to continue this journey through H.S.V  Global School and ensure that its likeness will be same as Heera Public School, where students are giving 100% board results and base of education is on discipline and morality. About 7000 students are getting education under the leadership of our experienced and highly qualified management. I strongly believe that every man is the architect of his own future. It is rightly said that “ He who has a firm, moulds the world to himself”. The foundation of each country or state is only the education of youth. In the beautiful words of Joseph Addison, “ What sculpture is to a piece of marble, Education is to the soul”. I agree that roots of Education are bitter , but they spread the sweetest fragrance. Education is not received, it is achieved, through a dedicayted will of a soul which is based on morality and enthusiastic nature. If we dip Education in deep water of moral, intellectual, ethical and social values, then only a perfect man comes into existence. I assure you to impart the knowledge which can make your child an all-rounder because education is like endless horizon and a student would like to fly freely to put one more feather of beauty in it.”

Dr. Pawan Kumar Vats



H.S.V. Global School