Class Infrastructure

Each classroom is well lit and has large windows that are double sealed. The room is air conditioned and has an exhaust fan too. The classroom door has an observation window or a separate view box area from the corridor. Each classroom on the three floors of the school is sound-proof and beautifully designed. There are 2 large soft boards in the class. The white board is also a Smart Board with a projector, speaker and keyboard attached. Each class teacher is given the key to the Smart Board box. All subject teachers can use the Smart Board. Some classrooms, specially in the junior and middle school, have cupboards, shelves and pigeon holes. The furniture for the students is made of pure wood with coloured laminated tops. There are double seaters + desks as well as single seats and desks. The teacher’s table has drawers and a small cupboard. The ceiling fans (6 – 8) are provided in each class. Each room has 7 – 8 tube lights.

Labs and Library

The School library is a learning resource center in the widest sense as it houses information resources, expansive reading material and digital data with internet access. The library is well stocked with a wide collection of books and CDs on a variety of subjects. The school library fosters the development of life-long learning abilities and love for reading in the students. It also provides teachers with instructional material and professional resources.


  • Multimedia Systems
  • 20” LCD Monitors
  • Online UPS for System Backup
  • A vast collection of educational softwares, catering to various subjects, for the use of teachers and students.
  •  Fast Internet connection round the clock

Technology is a boon and H.S.V.G.S has imbibed it in all the possible ways to set the educational standards of a different equation. The curriculum incorporates teaching-learning methodologies which facilitates the process and break the monotony of traditional learning patterns. The students are updated with the latest modes of technology and are kept in tune with the current system. The exposure provided to the learners is maximized by the use of Power Point and Audio-Visual presentations, which make learning a stimulating and intriguing experience. The use of online encyclopedias and reference material in the library also contributes immensely to the learning process.


The language lab is the School’s foray into successful implementation of advanced teaching methods to cultivate effective language skills in the students. The Language Lab of the school with the facilities for audio and video recordings and analysis is very useful for stimulating student’s skills.

ROBOTIC LAB - Robotics

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Lab is a lab Setup in the campus itself which integrates with the academic structure. It enhances the technological aspect and brings the change into the students such as critical thinking, problem solving, decision making and hand motor coordination.


Scientific temper is inculcated in each child through exploration, observation & discovery. A hands-on approach is adopted at all developmental stages leading to conceptual understanding and an inquisitive and analytical mind.

Emphasis is laid on sensitizing the learners to the application of concepts in not only day to day lives but also in the service of humanity and as a major instrument for achieving goals of self reliance, socio-economic and socio-ecological development.

The lab is a great place for students which help them enhance their learning by understanding the theoretical concepts of science which are taught in classrooms. Well-designed laboratories not only make science experiments fun but also help students in achieving good academic results.


– It is believed that mathematics is scary but at our school, students love mathematics as we have a fully equiped mathematics lab where we clear the basic concepts of mathematics in an easy way. Our Mathematics Lab easily explains the most difficult concepts of the subject through a very easy and interactive method.

With the help of fraction and opertaions dice, the concepts and calculations become really easy and convenient to understand.


Performing Arts is given huge importance in our curriculum and ample opportunities are provided to the students to give expression to their imaginations and thus, enhance creativity. Students are encouraged to develop their talents and skills from an early stage.


The Music Room is a spacious room with customized platforms for choir rehearsals. The room is equipped with sound system, different musical instruments and Wi-Fi connectivity for direct streaming of music video clips.


The Visual Arts are an expression of creativity and imagination. It is an outlet for individual thought, visualization exploration of inner creativity, expression of imagination and interpretation of ideas, events and environment.

The endeavour is to infuse a sense of aesthetic appreciation in each child, an ability to enjoy and appreciate beauty. We elaborate Art Studios with the finest faculty guide to the children to achieve heights through numerous techniques and History of Art.

The Visual Arts Department has a wide range of activities like:

Fine Arts | Craft Work | Clay Modelling | Sculpture | Best out of Waste | Paper recycling | Aesthetic Appreciation.

The student’s artistic talent is showcased in periodically held PTMs.


– Play area is a place of transformation and the nerve centre of all the activities. In addition to general physical development, it is here that they learn to become performers, achievers, decision makers and leaders.

The Physical Education Programme has been divided on the following segments:-

  • Sports Activities Outdoor
  • Sports Activities Indoor
  • Taekwondo (Self Defense)
  • Health and Fitness Training – Yoga & Aerobics


The school provides an area for the little toddlers to experience the joy of swings in the play area where they can find different fun corners. We have ball game, mini slide, trampoline, etc for the kids.


The book shop houses all the curriculum books designed to support the child’s development right from the Junior to the Senior School, providing a continuous, comprehensive and systematic learning experience for students. The textbooks for English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, and General Knowledge are supported by reference books such as encyclopedias, atlas and a range of dictionaries.


The campus has Wi-Fi connectivity across the campus which provides better learning opportunities for each child at all places of the school.


The campus is well ventilated as per the guidelines and required standards.


The school provides complete fire safety kits at every floor. It contains: a fire extinguisher, fire alarm and other fire safety equipments that can be used to contain the fire before it spreads.


The School has its own fleet of comfortable vehicles. All of them are equipped with the latest communication facilities like wireless and mobile phones. Each vehicle has a driver, a staff member and a conductress, for complete safety and security of the children. The routes and timing of all the vehicles are monitored with the help of the Global Positioning System installed in the Control Room in the School premises. Other facilities like water, fire extinguisher and first aid kit is available in all the vehicles.

CCTV surveillance for monitoring and deterrence of the complete campus, Access control of specified areas. Fire Detection and fighting measures as per the highest standards.